What is CRM? Its not just for businesses

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The term was initially thought of to measure CSAT + marketing efforts and improve/build relationships with your contacts that ended up becoming leads and then customers.Today a CRM solution brings your sales, marketing, support activities together and combines them in one platform

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Why use a CRM even if you are not a business?

CRMs can not only help companies cut costs and grow revenue but it can help individuals and start-ups establish authentic relationships. If you maintain all your contacts in one place and stay in touch with them you never know when their situation changes or yours but you can almost always find that one time you can be mutually beneficial to each other or ask for a favor. e.g. a friend of yours from high school suddenly becomes a recruiter at Facebook after years and you know you are qualified but need an inside contact to get an interview you can always reach out to him/her after years and might land an interview. Even when you aren’t selling a product you are selling yourself and having contacts as well as staying in touch with them really helps at some point.

Whether you’re an individual looking for a place to save your contacts and have it available across all devices or a start-up just getting into marketing and wanting to manage communications with your prospective customers eventually you will need a CRM solution. Starting off with a Simple CRM can help you be more productive.

Market Leader CRM with unlimited features

A CRM can often come with unlimited features and instead of increasing your productivity sometimes do the opposite. Most CRMs in the market are trying to offer more and more and more features to beat the competition and fail to realize the simple concept of efficient contact management. All CRMs though have the same goal are implemented a little different because its the company’s view of how you should manage your relationships

More on CRMs coming soon