We like Azlo! Fee Free Business Checking

What is Azlo?

Azlo is fee-free, mobile business banking for small businesses, freelancers, and other entrepreneurs. You can use Azlo to:

  • Make purchases with your Azlo Visa debit card
  • Send digital invoices
  • Mail checks and pay billers
  • Send ACH (direct deposit) payments to employees, contractors, and suppliers
  • Transfer funds to and from your other bank accounts
Is it really fee-free?

Yes, absolutely. Azlo does not charge overdraft fees, maintenance fees, transaction fees, card replacement fees, or anything of the sort.

Keep in mind that if you use an Azlo account with other services or companies, they may charge a fee. For example, if you accept payments for Azlo invoices via Stripe, Stripe fees will apply.

If Azlo doesn’t charge fees, how do they make money?

They earn revenue from the interest on deposits in Azlo accounts. They also earn a small sum every time someone makes a purchase with an Azlo card—the merchant pays to process the card transaction, and they get part of that payment.

Who can use Azlo?

They offer accounts to a wide range of entrepreneurs, including small business owners, freelancers, and online retailers. They do have some basic eligibility requirements; in order to apply for an Azlo account, one must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Living in the U.S., with a verifiable U.S. address
  • A U.S. citizen or a resident with a Permanent Resident Card or a type H, L, or O visa.
    • Residents who are not citizens will also have to provide a current passport for verification purposes
How do I open an account?

You can fill out an application online, in just a few minutes. Click here to get started.

Once you submit the application, their team will review it within 1-2 business days and let you know if they’re able to make a decision right away or if they need a few more details.

The exact documents and information they need will depend your specific situation, but here’s a general guide:

Business formation documents

  • If you have a sole proprietorship, they won’t ask for any business formation documents (though if you have a DBA or EIN, they may ask for documents to verify those details. More on that below.)
  • If you have a general partnership, they’ll ask for a copy of your partnership agreement.
  • If you have a corporation or limited liability company, they will ask for a copy the documents you filed to form your company. These are often called Articles of Organization, Articles of Incorporation, or Articles of Formation.

DBA verification
If you have a DBA (doing business as) name and your state requires that you register that name, they’ll ask for a copy of your registration documents.

EIN verification
If you have an Employer ID Number (EIN), they may ask for a copy of the document the IRS gave you when they issued your EIN.

Personal verification
They do need to verify your personal information in order to open a bank account for you, so they may ask for an ID or other documents to verify your name, address, or Social Security number.

How do I deposit checks?

You can deposit checks by snapping a photo of them with the Azlo mobile app. You can also deposit checks by mail.

How do I accept payments with Azlo?

With Azlo, you can accept payments by check, having your clients send you a bank-to-bank transfer, or by linking your favorite third-party payment processor (including Square, Stripe, PayPal, and many others).

Can I connect my Azlo account with my accounting software?

You can connect an Azlo account to many popular payment and accounting services, including Wave and Xero, and QuickBooks Online.

What ATMs can I use?

They partner with the Allpoint network, and any of their 55,000 ATMs will be entirely fee-free for you to use. You can use their handy ATM locator to see how many are nearby. (They also have an ATM finder built into our mobile app.)

Of course, you can also use out-of-network ATMs; if you do, they won’t charge a fee but the ATM owner likely will.

Are my deposits insured by the FDIC?

Yes, Azlo accounts are offered in partnership with BBVA USA, member FDIC. Your deposits are insured up to the FDIC limit. You can learn more about coverage on the FDIC website.

How do invoices work?

You can send invoices to clients directly from within your Azlo account. Right now, there are three payment options for invoices; your clients can mail you a check, send a wire or bank transfer to your Azlo account, or pay via credit or debit card.

A note on card payments—these are enabled by our integration with payment processors, so this option is only available if you have a Stripe, Square, or PayPal account connected to Azlo. Normal fees from these services will apply.

Can I send and receive wires?

You can receive international and domestic wires with Azlo, entirely fee-free.

They don’t have the ability to send wires, but you can send bank-to-bank payments anywhere in the U.S. and they’re working to offer international payments in the near future.

Do you offer checkbooks?

Azlo does not offer checkbooks and checks with your Azlo account and routing number printed on them will not work. They do offer a couple of great alternatives to checkbooks, though. Both are entirely free to use.

  1. You can use their bill pay service to mail a check to pretty much anyone in the U.S.
  2. You can send payments directly to your payee’s bank account with their bank account and routing number.
Can I deposit cash?

They aren’t set up to accept cash deposits because they operate online and they don’t have branches. This may change in the future, and they are always listening for feedback and requests from their customers and potential customers.

Can I share an Azlo account with my business partner(s)?

If your business partner(s) owns 25% or more of the business and you list them on your Azlo application, you will be able to give them access to your Azlo account. Learn more here.

Does Azlo offer accounts to business owners living abroad?

Right now, they can only accept applications from business owners who live in the U.S. They can currently offer accounts to U.S. residents who are citizens, permanent residents, or temporary residents with H, L, or O visas.

Are there any business industries that Azlo does not support?

Yes, there are a few industries they cannot currently support, including internet gambling, some money services businesses, exchanging virtual currency, private ATMs, and cannabis sales.