[Solved] Nextjs remove console.log production

const nextConfig = {
    compiler: {
        removeConsole:process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production' ? { exclude: ['error'] } : false,

module.exports = nextConfig;


Optimizing a production build is crucial for the overall performance and user experience of a web application. One essential optimization involves the removal of `console.log` statements in the production build, as these statements are often overlooked and can cause performance issues. This article will guide you through different approaches to eliminate `console.log` statements for a cleaner, optimized production build.

Why remove console.log in production environment?

1. Performance: `console.log` can have a significant impact on performance in older browsers, mobile devices, or devices with limited resources. Removing these statements can lead to faster load times and smoother performance.2. Security: Leaving potentially sensitive information exposed through `console.log` statements can create security risks, as attackers can view the information within the console.3. Clutter: The more `console.log` statements left in production, the more challenging it is to manage and debug the application when necessary. This configuration above will remove `console.log` statements when compiling the application in production mode.

Manually silencing console.log in code

You can also remove console.log statements at runtime by overriding the console.log function with an empty function in production. Place the following code snippet at the beginning of your entry file (e.g., `index.js`):

if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production') {
    console.log = function () {};

This method disables `console.log` in production mode without affecting development mode functionality.


Ensuring a clean, optimized production build is essential for the performance and security of a web application. This article has outlined three methods for removing `console.log` statements in production. Choose the approach that best suits your needs and enhance the quality of your production builds.