Read how hackers are exploiting emerging technologies.

Read how hackers are exploiting emerging technologies.

Cutting-edge technology invites new cyber risks

Emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G are creating opportunities for businesses to implement innovative solutions to boost productivity, expedite data flow to make faster decisions, and improve customer experiences. However, they’re also creating wicked new ways for malicious hackers to try to attack and exploit vulnerabilities. Be ready!

3 ways hackers are using emerging technology to try to give businesses nightmares  

1.    Internet of Things

The growing popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) is improving productivity, but it’s also introducing new security risks. Increasing number of devices, including vehicles, medical tools, and even clothes, are connected to each other via vast networks. This interconnectivity enables them to share information that can help people make faster, more informed decisions. But this sensory-rich ecosystem presents a bountiful attack surface to tempt professional hackers. Individual IoT devices offer resourceful cyber criminals points of entry into networks and sensitive data repositories. By uploading harmful software onto IoT devices to infect the network, or launching a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack to overwhelm security countermeasures, hackers can infiltrate and expose networks. Similar to how a small leak in a lifeboat can eventually sink it, these tiny security gaps can grow into bigger and more costly problems if the right solutions are not in place.

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2.    5G

In an increasingly complex and connected world, companies must move efficiently across multiple clouds and cloud platforms for processing, networking, colocation, and content delivery. Throw in virtualization and automation, managing mobile devices and apps, and a variety of voice and collaboration tools and the potential for chaos and gaps is magnified. 5G technology is designed with security as a key objective, but an increased amount of new endpoints and threat planes can still expose organizations to cauldrons of poisonous ‘hacker stew.’

3.    Technical expertise

As new technologies emerge, so must the people who use them. While not officially a technology, employees are the #1 security risk for most companies. There’s a saying in the hacker community: “Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people.” That’s because breaching the most robust cybersecurity system in the world can be done via something as simple as using a stolen or insecure password. Once hackers gain access, they can install backdoors that give them the ability to execute commands on company computers, such as stealing credit card info or downloading customer databases and luring away clients.

It’s important to remember that black hat hackers are cybercriminals who will often go to nearly any length to steal your data. It’s called Social Engineering and it includes impersonations, telemarketing, identity theft, blackmail, and worse.

Emerging technologies like IoT and 5G are creating opportunities for businesses, but these ‘treats’ can become ‘tricks’ for cybercriminals.

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