How to send a Bulk/Group/Mass Text Message to your clients

Mass Text Messaging with Free Contact Manager

With PureText’s Mass SMS Textual Messaging service you can upload your contacts in CSV format, filter out the ones that don’t have a phone number. You can then  select the contacts to send a text to  in case your want to  advertise, promote, announce, and have interaction with your customers or friends through Text Messages directly to their Mobile phones.

You can instantly send bulk Text Messages to a sizable range of recipients all at once, within mere seconds. With simply a simple click of the button, you will soon broadcast your Message to entire contact lists texting effortlessly.  Text Messages have proved to be the best form of communication, with an amazing 97.8% read rate within minutes of obtaining a text.

Nowadays nobody ever leaves home without their mobile phones, our SMS gateway offers unparalleled ways to reach your contacts instantly.

One good thing about texts over push notifications is that they at platform-agnostic as in your audience does not need a smartphone to receive bulk text messages. Text messages have been around for so long that people who don’t know how to call an uber can still respond to text messages

SMS Services

PureText is a leader in text messaging services. They have text-enabled local numbers from US, UK, Canada and Puerto Rico. Their plans start as low as $1/mo. Try them for free now