Do you need a shortcode for 2-way SMS?

Shortcodes – 4 to 5 digit numbers you can send a text from e.g. “4444” are expensive and have a monthly recurring cost  around $1000/mo but thats for a random shortcode as in you don’t have a choice of what shortcode is assigned to you.

If you want a vanity shortcode for two way SMS then it would cost double – $2000/mo.The only good part about shortcodes is that since they are short they might be easier to remember but with so much information to process these days, shortcodes are last thing people want to keep in mind.

Now what if you have an SMS application idea that required two way SMS? shortcodes won’t be provisioned before 6-8 weeks and until you have $1000-$2000/mo.

PureText provides instant 10 digit dedicated local phone numbers at a cost less than a cup of coffee. You don’t have to wait for 6-8 weeks for your application to send and receive SMS.

Our quickstart guide helps you implement your SMS application right away in seconds with instant number provisioning.

All our examples are currently in and c#.Net but if you use PHP or any other language, sending an SMS is just like making a Post programmatically to our SMS Web API.

Try it and let us know how we can improve and if you have any questions do not hesitate to drop in an email.

Do you think shortcodes are more useful ? Tell us why