2 Way SMS API in .Net | Node | Python

What is 2-way SMS?

2 way SMS refers to the capability of sending and receiving SMS via a
Long code (a 10 digit phone number) or Shortcode(a 4 or 5 digit number)

Do I need a shortcode?

No however you need a Dedicated 10 digit local number to send texts from. Toll-free numbers don’t work and short codes take forever to get provisioned

Is there an API?

With PureText API you can use 2 way SMS without expensive short codes
with absolute ease.

How long does it take to programatically start texting?

Within minutes your 2 way SMS application will be up and running with PureText. While short-codes take more than a few months to provision PureText provides local phone number instantly so you can be up and running in a few minutes.

Is there sample code to help me get started quickly?

Yes PureText has sample code in Javascript, .Net , PHP and Python  to get
you started right away.

Need a custom app?

We can help you integrate texting capabilities in your application. Contact us for a quote.